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Simplicity with shades of creativity

Visual communication is QUICKER, INTERESTING and MEMORABLE. These attributes are exactly what your business requires when conveying your brand message. You require innovative graphics in all aspects of your communication media to be able to attract, remind and persuade your consumers and convert them into profitable sales.

Corporate Clicks, a leading graphic design studio in Melbourne, can deliver outstanding corporate branding designs so that you can create a lasting impression on the minds of consumers. We simplify complex content into attractive graphics for better communication of information.

Visual Branding
Visual branding is defined as the use of a combination of visual elements (such as logos, colors, fonts, etc.), that reflect the brand's core values and personas, to set the brand apart from others. Visual branding ensure that a glimpse of those visual elements reminds the consumers about the brand along with all the emotions associated with that brand.

Corporate Clicks values the contribution of graphic design in marketing a brand. We come up with innovative corporate branding designs that incorporate your core brand values. Our choice of every color, layout, shape, and typography in each of your design is based on your brand personality. So, you can be confident that we will create visually appealing designs that truly reflect the characteristics of your brand.
Appealing Layout
A design is said to be great when it is creative, eye-catching and easily understandable. Readers don’t want to go through bulk text and cramped up images. They prefer layouts that are pleasing to the eye. Our design philosophy emphasizes on keeping layouts simple, easily scannable as well as striking.

Our team of dedicated graphic designers create innovative works of art, giving special attention to shapes, fonts, space, color and other visual elements so as to deliver the finest designs with appealing layouts. You'll be amazed at how simplicity can encompass such creativity.
Uniformity in Design
Repetition is your key to establishing your brand in the memory of your consumers. If your brand is portrayed in various media with the same design features, your customers attribute the design to your brand and get reminded every time they see similar design elements.

Corporate Clicks, an innovative graphic design agency, look towards maintaining consistency in your design but every time in a unique way. By this, we mean that certain aspects of your designs (such as color palette) will be the same but the entire visual will not be identical. You can be assured that your designs are innovative, at the same time maintains brand consistency.
Emphasis on Vital Elements
Sometimes graphic designers create extremely innovative out-of-the-box designs, but fail to highlight the main message needed to be conveyed, resulting in wider message reach but low customer conversion rate. But that will never happen when you work with Corporate Clicks.

We, a specialized graphic design studio in Melbourne, have a team of specialists who perceive graphics as something that accentuates the content rather than something that overwhelms it. So, we design graphics that communicate your important messages with a coating of creative layout and visually appealing designs.
Simplifying Complexities
The human brain can process visuals 6000 times faster than words. That's why, to communicate complex concepts, images are more effective. Consumers don’t want to put much effort into understanding the long details of your business. However, if that same information is put into an interesting image, consumers don't only look at it but also remember it.

Corporate Clicks, a skilled graphic design agency, is the savior for complex businesses that need to market their highly technical products and services. We believe in simplicity and thus, transform your complicated content into visuals that is easily understandable without the technical know-hows of your business. We create corporate branding designs that reflect elegance and simplicity.

"Don’t choose bad designs. It might cost you more than an expensive good design."

Our Graphic Design Services

Our graphic design services include, but aren't limited to:

Why Corporate Clicks?

#1 Expertise:

We have a team of experienced graphic designers catering to your designing needs.

#2 Creativity:

We are always working towards crafting innovative original designs. We constantly generate out-of-the-box concepts to deliver you with the finest designs.

#3 Simplicity:

Because we value simplicity over flashy designs, we deliver the finest designs that reflect simplicity and creativity.

#4 Consistency:

With a view to create brand consistency for our clients, our graphic design team takes care of maintaining design consistency in all the works they produce for you.

#5 Brand Conscious:

Being a pioneer digital marketing agency in Australia, we understand that the ultimate purpose of putting so much effort into a design is for brand marketing. All our works focus on enhancing your brand presence, through corporate branding designs, so as to aid your marketing effort.

Enquire Now to work with us in creating designs that will accentuate your brand in the online and offline marketplace. Corporate Clicks, an expert graphic design studio in Melbourne, will astonish you by creating simple but alluring designs.

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